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A Sampling of Past Workshops


Parent/Family Leadership Institute

May 20 & 22, 2008

Southwest Ohio SERRC State Support Team

Opening Keynote and Facilitated Action Planning

       Cincinnati, Ohio 45215    

       Imagine the Possibilities

       April 24, 2008

       Down Syndrome Community Organization

       Bellevue, Washington

       Inclusive Education

       March 7 & 8, 2008

       Delaware Partners in Policymaking

       Dover, Delaware

       The Importance of Social Relationships 

       and Community Connections

       February 15, 2008

       University of New Hampshire IOD Leadership Series

       Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


      Why Not College. Conversations about Post  

       Secondary Education for Student with DS   

       August 4, 2007

       Kansas City, Missouri

       The Great Transition: How to Transcend Old

       Paradigms so that Communities Welcome All

       March 30, 2007

       Broadview Heights, Ohio




"Excellent facilitation and use of many good ideas. Both Candee and Katie are inspirations."

-workshop participant

"The best part of this presentation was the bond between Candee and Katie and learning about the roles we can play when we allow our adult children to follow their own path."

-workshop participant

"Candee and Katie take the cake - a positive and enthusiastic approach to sharing information on an important topic."

-workshop participant

"[Candee's] presentation and facilitation skills are extraordinary and brought me back to the foundations of inclusive education. [She] is so talented. I'd like purchase a copy of [her] book for every participant."

-Cynthia Norwood,CMR Director

"LOVE the "Let's Dance" painting. This says is all. Thank you for sharing. Thank you to Katie as well."

-workshop participant

"Candee was extremely easy to listen to and follow. She has a calming effect and allows you to understand that the gifts we all possess are what can help us grow. We are all in this together and the more we get the word out the better off we'll be."

-workshop participant

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